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Christimas Tree Bowl - Live Edge Teak Hand Carved Bowl

Christimas Tree Bowl - Live Edge Teak Hand Carved Bowl

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Each Live Edge Hand Carved Large Teak Bowl is truly a work of art. These pieces can stand on their own as a decoration, as well as be used as a catch all bowl, a salad bowl or exotic candy dish. The bowls are food safe, finished with a blend of organic beeswax and food grade mineral oil. 

Intricately grained and large sized, each bowl is different, as we allow the shape of the roots of the Teak tree to form each unique piece. The outside diameter on these bowls is approximately 12 inches and the overall height approximately 3 inches. Due to the organic nature of the product, every single bowl is different, you will never find two that are the exact same. There are variations to the grain patterns and colors as well as the edge finish. Some bowls have rustic, wavy edges while others have smooth. Some have open knots or small cracks in the center. The bowls may not be a perfect circle, but rather an elongated oval. If you desire a particular look, please send us a message after placing your order and we'll try our best to accommodate! We'd also be happy to send photos for you to select your exact piece, just shoot us a message or leave a note to let us know!

These bowls have the Christmas tree engraved on the Center of the bowl.

Tuckahoe Hardwoods was started by George and Johnny Dent in 2004. They work with the finest in wood from flooring to furniture. These live edge bowls will make a great addition to any kitchen. If you have any questions on board and bowl care, please feel free to contact them at Tuckahoe Hardwoods and they will be happy to help, or feel free to ask us here the Green Promo and I can send you the care instructions as well. Enjoy your real wood live edge bowl from the Green Promo by Tuckahoe Hardwoods!

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